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We Ask Too Little.

Authors Note: I am changing this story a bit to protect the privacy of those involved.

She came to see me one day in the office. She moved slowly, tentatively. I am in constant pain, she said as she slowly descended to the chair, with a hollow look in her eyes. When I tried to help her be more specific, she began to cry. I hurt all over, all the time. I feel like I want to die.

She slowly squirmed as she sat across from me, unable to stay in any one position for any length of time. She had been involved in an automobile accident several years before. Instead of recovering, she had slowly gotten worse. She had lost her job and then her husband. Her friends had drifted away, exhausted by her constant pain and neediness.
She stared at the floor. You are my last hope.

She was taking several varieties of medications: pain pills, muscle relaxers, steroids, antidepressants, tranquilizers, and sleeping pills. Her nights were horrors of tossing and turning, burning pains, and muscle spasms that made her cry out.

I asked her a few more questions. She seemed stunned, like a panicked deer, standing in some backcountry roadway, unable to avoid an oncoming truck. She had been to medical doctors for years. No one ever seemed to take the time to listen to her. Shuffled between ˜specialties, no one had been able to find what was wrong. She had finally been told that its all in your head. A psychiatrist had loaded her up with drugs that had just made her care a bit less about everything, including the pain. She was told, There’s nothing more to be done. You just need to learn to live with it. She had been labeled ˜an hysterical female.

Now she could hardly get her doctors to return her phone calls. When she could get through, the answers were always to simply increase the dosage of one of her meds. She couldn’t think clearly, her digestion was poor and her appetite nil. Her weight was dropping. She was chronically constipated and she found herself becoming weaker. More issues poured out as she realized I was going to let her tell her story without brusque interruption. After she had said her piece, her eyes hesitantly raised up to meet mine, wondering what my response would be.

I told her about some of the differences between medicine and chiropractic. I related stories of others in similar distress who had found answers in chiropractic. I encouraged her to have hope and told her that the real healer is not in medications or doctors. The real Healer is inside each one of us. The Power that made us is the Power that heals us.

Chiropractic works to remove interference to the power of Life. It doesn’t cover up pain with drugs. Illness is not a lack of pharmaceutical drugs. I told her that recovery is a journey and that she would need to be courageous to travel the road back to health. Courage means strength of the heart. And the heart is our connection to God, the Real Healer. Some people can hear this and some cannot. This woman heard me. A small spark of possibility was kindled.

Recovery for this woman was slow and uneven. It took months of care. The chiropractic work was able to make enough of a difference that she could slowly wean herself off her many drugs. We gave her exercises not just for her body but also for her spirit. She began to brighten and open up to life again.

Now we only see her occasionally, for a ˜tune-up. She says, You gave me my life back! But it is her own faith that brought her back from the precipice. It is and was her own determination to move beyond hopelessness that made the difference. Even in her darkest night, she found a way into our office to ask for help.

We are more than our bodies. We are eternal souls and we merely inhabit these bodies for a time. Our possibilities are limited only by our own imaginations. We don’t ask too much of life, we ask too little. God holds each of us gently and tenderly in His own hands. It is up to us to open our perception to His loving possibilities. Too often, we close our eyes and our hearts and push Him away. Tightening, constricting, resisting, avoiding the Peace that comes with surrender to the infinite Light of Love that always burns inside each one of us. This light can burn our fears and pains away.

May you have the courage to let the Light of Love shine within you and from you. When Loves Light shines in your life, you become Gods hands in the world. And God knows, we really need His Hand in the world. Be courageous!