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If you suddenly had a painful splinter in your finger there are a number of options available for you.  You could do nothing, let it fester, and allow your immune system to gradually decompose it through phagocytosis.  You will heal eventually.  It may take some time.   That’s what our bodies do; they heal one way or another.  However, if you decide to do something about your splinter, there are several more options.  One, you could take enough pain medicine until you can’t feel the discomfort  anymore, or you could sever the nerve going to your finger and this would keep you from feeling  the pain any more.  You could just cut your finger off and the stump will heal eventually, leaving you with four fingers.  Or, you could pull the splinter out and let your immune system quickly heal the tissues now that they are not being interfered with by a foreign object.  This option leaves you with all five fingers in working order and is the most rapid route to returning to normal function.  I know this sounds a bit silly, but we are confronted with this decision all the time in other areas of health care. 

The medicines that are trumpeted every day from all manner of media generally act in a way that is similar to cutting the nerve to the finger.  They are suppressive and palliative.  Pain is a messenger that something is wrong.  ‘Killing’ the messenger will diminish your pain but it doesn’t do anything to solve the actual problem.  You just live life in ‘blissful ignorance’.  This is actually true for most cardiac medications among many others.  The ‘heart’ pills do not just go to the cells of the heart and cardiovascular system where you want them to go.  They go to every cell in your body and change functions at that level where ever they go.  These changes can and do cause problems and these are known as ‘side effects’.

We are comprised of trillions of cells.  They combine together to form tissues and organs.  All of these structures work must together in harmony for us to be healthy.  At any moment, our bodies are doing the very best they can with what they have to work with.  Medications (drugs) generally interfere with metabolic pathways inside cells.  They shut down certain functions.  They can shut down communications between cells.  This is the opposite of removing interference and allowing the vital force of life inside you to function without constraint.  Turning life off is not turning life on. 

Sometimes, it is the best we can do.  Being numb may be preferable to living a life in pain.  But what if we listened to the message and understood it?  What if we have more power inside us than we have been told?  What if you didn’t have to constantly control your symptoms with toxic drugs but could actually free the life that struggles to express itself inside you? 

This is the incredible reality of upper cervical chiropractic.  If you have been under upper cervical care for a while you already have experienced this truth.  The adjustment works not because of what it ‘does’, but because of what it ‘un-does’!  Freeing the power of life to communicate freely with all the cells of the body allows the body to work in the optimal and coordinated manner that it was made.  Diminishing function, decreasing communication also lessens the ability of life to find a way back to health. 

You know what the adjustment has done for you.  Many of you say you don’t know what you would do without it now!  No one wants to live with life turned down once they have lived life in adjustment!  Imagine if the whole world had access to this amazing healthcare.  Imagine if everyone felt well and healthy. Imagine the kinds of decisions we would all make if all of our nervous systems were working properly.  Keep imagining and spread the word!

Michael Thomas, RN, BS, DC