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The Sacred Moment
Dr. Michael Thomas

Author’s Note:

This article may not seem much like health-care advice. But I will tell you this: health comes from the word ‘whole’. It’s root meaning is the same as ‘holy’. Wholeness is health. Life is sacred.

What if we simply accepted God’s Love into our hearts?

Right here, right now.

Nothing needs to change, to let it happen, except our own acceptance.
We don’t need to be different than we are in this very moment. We don’t have to join a church or read a book or listen to a sermon. We don’t have to take a journey or climb a mountain. We don’t need to move a muscle. We don’t need to take another breath. The miracle of God’s Love is infinite. It is fully present now. Each and every ‘now’ contains this possibility.

It is our choice to turn away. It has always been our choice to remain separate. Our beliefs build up a wall between us and infinite Love. The terrible loneliness we feel in our dark nights is the cumulative product of many, many decisions to separate ourselves from the loving mercy of God.

We have so many reasons why we cannot simply let go of our separateness. Responsibilities, finances, desires, commitments, urges and the endless chatter of our minds. All conspire to keep us from turning, humbly and without fear, to the Light of God. Most of us seem to have a lifetime of reasons that keep us in the shadows.

But even so, haven’t we known this Peace? Hasn’t there been a moment now and then, when separation falls away? Unexpectedly and yet completely familiar? A deep Comfort and Peace that is timeless even in the instant of its perception? A clarity akin to the first rays of dawn? An intimate connectedness with all that is? It may come in contemplation and prayer. It may come in the vision of a natural landscape. We may see it in the petals of a rose. It may come at work. It may come in the midst of a thousand activities.

It is a gift of grace. A moment of completion. It rarely lasts. Even so, these moments echo through the rest of our lives. They inform the many other moments. After a time, however, these moments begin to be questioned. Did it really happen? Did I really understand? Was it something else? We often find ways to wall these moments of infinity off from the context of our lives. Because these moments overwhelm the puny meanings we have woven together from our experiences. They threaten to devastate the path we have cobbled together for ourselves.

But what if? What if we lived in harmony with these moments of insight? What would our lives be like? What if the deep love of God really informed our actions and words? What if we began to accept the connections that Love engenders? What indeed?

You don’t really need me to write about these moments. In your heart of hearts, you already know the truth of this. Let the Grace of these moments echo through your life and your actions. It doesn’t matter how many times we have turned away from the Light in the past. Turn again and let Love blossom within you.