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The Ritual of the Removal of Interference

Weeks had passed, and a certain man found himself weakening. A mysterious electricity seemed to have possessed the back of his right thigh and calf. Sometimes it even bore into his foot. This terrible pain howled deep within him whenever he tried to walk more than a few steps. It also hounded him at night as he lay in bed and tried to sleep. He felt ashamed that his wife had begun to help him with activities that, only weeks before he had never even thought difficult. When he began to need help to even relieve himself, he knew he had to seek help.

He asked his friends if there was a healer who could attend to this demon that gnawed at his buttocks and leg. He got many answers, but as he was poor, he felt he should weigh his choices carefully. So many others that he knew had given their life-savings in an attempt to regain some of the fullness of vitality that life offers, yet finally found themselves broke, and, sadly still in pain. One day he heard of a different kind of healer. Something stirred within him and he felt that this one might be able to help. It took a bit of a journey to reach him, but he did with the help of a friend.

Once there, the man asked the healer if he could remove the cursed pain from his ravaged body. The Shaman looked at him and told him:

There is only one healer. And this healer is already within you.

He told the man that he did not cure diseases. What he could do, he said, was to remove the interference which was present that was blocking the free expression of life within him. The man considered this idea and then assented to this process.

First, the man was made to lie down and the Shaman crouched down and lightly held his feet. Then he was made to stand up and the Shaman used his tools to clearly illustrate the quality of the mans stance upon the earth. Just standing was very painful for the man, but he wanted desperately to get well and he put on a brave face. The shaman muttered to himself and made certain marks.

The two men sat together for a bit and talked of some of the events that had marked the supplicants life. Then the Shaman spoke to the patient and told him many things. At the conclusion of this talk, the man was made to sit in specific postures in an objectifying ritual that the Shaman told him was necessary. An invisible wind was made to pass through the patient and this wind left a pattern behind which could be interpreted by the Shaman.

The man was then sent home with many new ideas and fully engaged in the process of the Ritual of the Removal of Interference to Life’s Flow. The Shaman sat with the patterns that evening and pondered their significance. He drew lines upon the patterns and made geometrical measurements. That night the man dreamed many things. Some he remembered and some dissolved from his consciousness with the dawning of light the next day. Though in pain, the man woke with a feeling of expectation.

I shall feel better before the day is out. He thought.

That afternoon, the man returned to the Shamans place of ritual. He was invited in. The Shaman showed him the patterns that the wind had made and told him what these patterns meant. The man was then placed on his side and the Shaman stood over him. In a reassuring way, the Shaman bent over and lightly touched the man below the ear. The Shaman would then stand up. Again, he would bend over and lightly touch below the mans ear. Many times this process continued until the Shaman seemed satisfied. During this ritual, the man felt something happen but he could not define what it was. It seemed a subtle effect. His leg still hurt and he wondered what a light touch below the ear could ever do for the demon in his leg, but his faith in the Shaman was greater than his skepticism and he merely kept quiet.

Afterward, the Shaman crouched again at his feet and held them as if in benediction. He was also made to stand and his stance was again judged by the Shaman.

The Shaman led him back to the place of the mysterious winds and more patterns were made and read. While the Shaman read the patterns, the man was made to lie down and rest quietly in a peaceful room which was away from others. After a time, the Shaman stood before the man and looked at him with a happy smile.

The patterns now show that Life is unimpeded. Let the day and the night pass three times before you test your progress.

The man left with his friend and he fell into a restful sleep when he got home. That evening, he noticed that he felt sore but that something was changing. The next day, the flesh of his leg continued to burn but the mans faith in the Shaman held firm. And so it was that for three days and nights, his pains changed and shifted. They ebbed and they flowed. He had pains in new places and sometimes fear would cross his mind, but then his faith would return.

When he journeyed again to the shaman after three days and three nights, the Shaman asked him how he was. The man admitted that much of the pain was gone although considerable discomfort remained. The Shaman showed the man certain rituals that he could perform to help himself. He also showed him how to breathe more deeply and thereby balance many forces within him.

A week later the man returned to the Shaman by himself. He had no need to bring a friend to help him. There was a glow about him. His stance upon the world had been strengthened and his walk was sure. The Shaman taught him more about the dance of life within him. He encouraged the man to take a hold of his life.

The man returned a fortnight later, and he and the Shaman danced the verification ritual together, each doing their part. The man was now standing tall. They were both well pleased, though none so much as the man who could now walk without the bite of the demon. As always, out of respect, he left a moderate tribute in thanks to the Shaman.

A cycle of the moon passed and one last time, the man visited with the Shaman. The man was now deep in his usual work and hardly even thought about the nagging pain that had overcome him for a time. The trust which the man had brought and given to the Shaman had come full circle. This same trust was now given back to the man by the Shaman.

You can trust this life that courses through every part of you, he told the man, Listen to it and respect it.

The man left the Shaman with a smile. He began to whistle as he walked.

Michael Thomas, D.C.
[Written 2-4 a.m. 1-20-01]