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The Power of the Heart
Dr. Michael D. Thomas

There is a very special place at the junction between the great vessel that returns blood to the heart (the superior vena cava) and the filling chamber for the right ventricle, (called the atrium). In this tiny place, a spark of life originates. Rhythmically, without pause for a whole lifetime, this place (called the sino-atrial node), originates a tiny electrical spark that spreads throughout the electrical conduction system for the heart. It enjoins all the muscle cells that form the heart muscle to squeeze together in such a way that our lifeblood is constantly circulated throughout our bodies. The flow of electricity creates an electromagnetic field. We are familiar with the electrocardiogram (EKG) that measures the pattern of this electrical field. This field doesn’t stop at the edge of our skins. Today’s technology can measure this field even eight to ten feet away.

The signature of this field changes as we change. There is a dynamic balance within us that swings back and forth between a sense of emergency (the sympathetic side of the autonomic nervous system) and the process of recovery and regeneration (the parasympathetic side of the autonomic nervous system). When we become stressed or worried, there is more sympathetic (or emergency) influence and the rhythm of the heart and its field becomes more incoherent, or disordered. When we slow down and relax, the rhythm becomes more coherent. It now appears that this rhythm is “heard” by every cell in our bodies. Each cell can use this undulating rhythm to coordinate with all of the other ten trillion cells that make up our bodies. The heart field is not however, the only field our body generates. Our brains (and eyes) generate a field (EEG) but it is a whole magnitude less powerful than the heart field. Our guts too, generate a field. These areas that originate the rhythmic impulses are called biologic oscillators. These oscillating fields create the rhythm of our lives. As each cell conducts its unique business, it too generates a tiny electrical field. The coordination of this vast number of oscillating fields is the miracle that results in our unity as an organism.

Let’s stop and discuss the idea of coherence for a moment. We are all familiar with a 60-watt light bulb. Screwed into a lamp and connected with electricity, this bulb can create enough light to illuminate a room. This is incoherent light. The photons that make up the light are emitted in very scattered fashion at all angles. If the same light could be made coherent, as in a laser, it would be powerful enough to pierce through the Sun! The same thing is true with the coordination of all of the activities of our bodies. In the case of our bodies though, it is much more complicated than the idea that all the cells are oscillating together at the same rhythm. There are a multitude of rhythms on vastly diverse time and space scales all of which play out unique rhythms. It is much more akin to a jazz band where everyone is free to play individual variations on the same theme. Somehow, the sum of all the individual variations combines to form a harmonic whole. Incredibly, maximum individual freedom and maximum coherence in the whole organism are the optimal result.

Science can sometimes give us new ways to talk about things we already intuitively know. Investigations have revealed that the most healthy balance or coherence can be re-established by conscious use of attitude. And, the attitude which most effectively creates optimal health is Love. Taking the time to consciously feel love in our hearts greatly improves the coherence of our body’s electromagnetic field. It greatly improves the function of our immune systems. It decreases the adrenaline and cortisol in our bodies and creates a healing response. Even better, the coherence that love engenders is communicated by the electromagnetic field to those around us. The love in our hearts literally touches the hearts of those around us. We have all known people that just feel good to be around. We have the opportunity to be healers both to ourselves and to those around us, every minute of our lives.

We still don’t know how the spark in the top of the heart originates although we know a lot about it once it begins. We don’t need science to tell us about the power of love, but perhaps it is of comfort to realize that the more we uncover through the scientific method, the more that love is seen as the organizer of the wholeness that we are. We don’t need to be scientists to use the power of love. We just need to remember to love each other as ourselves. The miracle of love unfolds all on its own. We are in charge of its application.