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The Doctor’s Office
Michael D. Thomas, D.C.

People are presented with many, many options today when they begin to
look for healthcare. It can be bewildering, and because it is such an
important matter, it can be frightening. When illness strikes a person,
they feel vulnerable and often have little energy to try and ferret out
the best care for themselves.

I would like to present a few thoughts to help guide this search. First,
and most importantly: you are in charge of what happens to you. In the
same way that you hire a mechanic to fix your car or a carpenter to build
an addition, you hire a doctor to help you regain your health. I know
this isn’t how it feels. Doctors have, in the past been dictatorial and
many wouldn’t even allow questions about their treatment. I will repeat
however, that you are in charge of what happens to you. You are paying
for services and you should receive the services you pay for. You have
the right to informed consent and that means you should understand what
the doctor wants to do with you. You should be made aware of procedures,
possible outcomes, and potential “side effects”, both short term and in
the long term. It is then your choice to accept the care or to look for
another opinion.

When you find yourself with illness or disease, you are often confronted
with options that may all seem undesirable. Symptoms, however, make the
need to act undeniable. When symptoms create an emergency, there is need
for abrupt definitive action and, medical care can shine here. More
often however, symptoms come on slowly over time and if not ignored, can
be dealt with in a more calm and reasoned way. It makes sense to take a
conservative approach before resorting to a radical treatment.

Our bodies are miracles of self healing everyday. The power that made us
in the first place keeps us healthy and restores us every moment of our
lives. Working with this innate intelligence enhances our experience of
life. Stifling symptoms with drugs and cutting out of diseased tissues
is a last resort. This is disease management not “health” care.

It is very important to have faith in your doctor and to trust the care
you are involved with. Our thoughts send changes through the nervous
system and through hormones to every cell in our bodies every second of
our life. The accumulation of these processes truly creates our state of
health. This is why it is important to believe in your doctor and the
care you receive. You must be the captain of your own life and guide the
course you take . Feelings of resignation and hopelessness, resentment,
and anger all translate into your state of health in the long run.

Our bodies give us continuous messages. Some of these messages we listen
to very well. Some of these common messages are hunger, thirst, and
sleepiness. Some messages we tend to ignore if possible. Many of us
have chronic indigestion, we feel chronically stressed, fearful or angry.
Pain can often be ignored when it is a small message. Acute pain sends
us for help in a hurry. If we can stop to listen to the gentler messages
we often won’t have to wait until the message is an emergency. But
frankly, it’s inconvenient to listen to these messages and that’s why
many of us ignore them. We are so busy and we have so much to do that
it’s easier to take a drug to dull the ache or a pill to calm us down or
help us sleep than it is to begin to listen to the wisdom of our bodies.
The day to day busy-ness of our lives can obscure the bigger picture of
our general health. And so, many of us miss the forest because we’re too
busy looking at the tree in front of us.

Sometimes we need some help to restore our health. I practice upper
cervical chiropractic because it has demonstrated to me again and again
that it takes stress out of the nervous system, helping to rebalance it
and enhancing the living of life. People come to my office with many,
many different symptoms, from headaches and dizziness to low back pain,
numbness, tingling, weakness and sciatica. My adjustments are very
gentle without the abrupt twists and thrusts that many people are
concerned about. Chiropractic doesn’t treat the symptoms. It restores
balance to life, and the symptoms, which are messengers of imbalance
resolve naturally. When health is restored, the message given by the
symptom isn’t needed anymore. Chiropractic is truly “health” care and
offers so much to so many people who don’t know where to turn for their

Doctor comes from the word “docere” which means teacher. The highest
calling of the doctor is to teach people and work with them until they
can together restore their health and then learn to maintain the balance
of health in their lives. The most powerful physician is inside each one
of us. We must begin to learn to listen and heed what our bodies are
telling us every minute of our lives.