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You haven’t heard from me in a couple of months.  I decided when I began this newsletter that I wouldn’t put one out if there was nothing burning inside me to say.  It isn’t that there aren’t lots of things to write about, but I want to only send you a newsletter when I have something I feel needs to be said.  There are also times when I am taking impressions in and there are times when I feel like I need to express the information I have integrated.  We are all that way.  Learning to watch and feel the rhythms inside of us is an important aspect of being healthy.  We aren’t the same all the time.   Sometimes we can be outgoing and other times we feel a need to spend some time alone.  Our lives are intimately connected to our families and our jobs and this rhythm we feel inside of us may not be in step with the busy-ness of our daily responsibilities.  Many of us (judging from the talks I have with many of you when you come into the office) are feeling overwhelmed by fear and anxiety regarding events that seem outside of our ability to control.  Chronic stresses can and do wear us down.  We don’t seem to have to ensure that there are ebbs in our life but we do have to make sure there are flows!

We all need time to fill ourselves up again with happiness and optimism and determination and relaxation.  Just as we cycle through being awake and asleep through the day and night, so we have to be sure we are looking after ourselves amidst the busy-ness of life.  Our cars need gas and oil to run but in the long run we need to do more for our cars than that.  We need tires with tread and the tires need to be in alignment.  We need strong suspension systems and we need periodic tune-ups.  We have to clean out our cars now and then.  Sometimes we need to wash our cars. 

If we do this for our automobiles, then we surely need to do the same for our bodies and minds and emotions.  That is we need to if we expect to have long, healthy lives.  How do we know how we are doing?  Our senses tell us what is going on.  Without them we would not see, we wouldn’t hear, we wouldn’t smell or feel, we would be locked inside without any means of communicating with anything beyond our own thoughts.  Our senses work through our nervous systems.  We see because large numbers of neurons (nerve cells) carry information back to our brains.  The same is true with our hearing, our tasting and smelling and all the other senses.  We can move because our brains send messages down other neurons that connect to our muscles.  We can excrete hormones out of our endocrine glands because they are told to do so through our nervous system.  Everything we know about our world and ourselves we know through our nervous system, this immensely complicated network of nerves that make our lives real to us.  If the nerves begin to malfunction it alters everything we perceive through them. 

When we begin in the womb, the very beginning of us is that junction between the head and the rest of the body.  From this small start, the head and brain grow out in one direction and our bodies grow out the other way.  This area is our true foundation.   We are not buildings whose foundations are at the base.  We are neurologically driven creatures who are truly formed around our nervous systems.  For more than eighty years, we have known that misalignment in the upper neck can create problems in many of the body systems.  Most of these problems are related to the autonomic nervous system.  This is the part of the nervous system that runs our bodies below our level of awareness.  We don’t tell our pancreas to excrete insulin or our stomachs to digest that tofu burger.  We don’t tell our hearts how fast to beat and we don’t consciously decide how much tension our postural muscles should have. Our nervous systems make these decisions for us based on the information they receive and how it is integrated inside the brain. 

If the brain is not getting proper information, it cannot make proper decisions.  Nervous system interference changes the messages the brain receives and also changes the responses that come from the brain to all the various parts of our bodies.  It begins to make systematic errors, over and over.  These errors have consequences and these consequences are why you come into the office to see me. 

Different misalignments (caused by traumas, accidents) create different systematic errors.  Some people get headaches, or brain fog.  Others have numbness and tingling in the arms or legs, some people get hypertension (high blood pressure).  These chronic systematic errors eat away at the quality of your life and eventually can have serious and sometimes tragic consequences. 

The central importance of the messages that pass through the nervous system to our lives cannot be overestimated.  Neither unfortunately, can the systemic errors that spinal misalignment can create in our lives.  This is why I believe that upper cervical chiropractic offers primary health care to people.  You can attempt to change the signal causing problems with drugs but that is a case of shooting the messenger.  Drugs primarily work through what are essentially toxic effects.  The particular symptom may be eradicated but the nervous system continues to function out of balance whether you now know it or not.  And drugs don’t affect just the pathway you want to affect.  It affects every pathway in the body in ways that are not entirely predictable.  These are called side effects by the pharmaceutical industry.  If they are happening to you, they are anything but off to the side, they are direct consequences of the drug you are taking.  Blood pressure medications affect much more than the blood pressure.  Statins change much more than cholesterol levels. 

Proper upper cervical adjustment can greatly help the nervous system to regain normal function.  The messages into and out of the brain are no longer impeded by the noxious effects of misalignment.  Some of the problems caused by nervous system interference can be felt immediately.  Others are much more insidious and develop over a long period of time.  Both kinds of problems can be solved through proper upper cervical adjustment. 

I know that you do not see advertisements for upper cervical chiropractic every few minutes on your television sets like you do for the many drugs being pumped out by the media.  Whether we want to admit it or not, we are mightily affected by advertisements.  Our senses work like they always do and that which you see a lot of, you pay attention to.  We have come to think that medicine is drugs.  We have come to believe through saturation of our senses that drugs are the answer to lifes problems.  The USA is one of only two countries in the West that even allow drug company cartels to poison our minds with their often misleading advertisements on television.  Getting adjusted to regain and maintain your health sounds almost too simple.  It isn’t the conventional understanding in society.  My advice is to look around you and see if you want to suppress the messages in your nervous systems with drugs (like everyone else!) or free your nervous systems to regain and maintain the miracle of the life inside you. 

Headaches are not aspirin deficiencies.  High blood pressure is not a lack of beta blockers.  Having a few drinks doesn’t make your problems go away, it just makes you not care so much about them.  You have found a treasure in NUCCA.  I am proud to be in my seventeenth year here in North Central Florida offering this amazing work to those who are literally dying for it.  You already know the effect that the NUCCA adjustment has in your life.  Make the commitment to live all of your life not just the parts that you can still feel after the pills have kicked in.  Well be here when you call.