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I recently found this quote in my files.  It reminds me that peace does not come from external events but rather from within each of us.  The world does not bring us peace.  Peace comes into the the world through us. We are the eyes and the hands and the legs that bring peace into this crazy world.  My prayer is that each of us finds some of that peace within ourselves in the coming year and that we we can share it with each other. 



“Here I am lying in a dark cell upon a mattress hard as stone; the building has its usual churchyard quiet, so that one might as well be already entombed; through the window there falls across the bed a glint of light from the lamp which burns all night in front of the prison.  At intervals I can hear faintly in the distance the noise of a passing train or close at hand the dry cough of the prison guard as in his heavy boots, he takes a few slow strides to stretch his limbs.  The gride of the gravel beneath his feet has so hopeless a sound that all the weariness and futility of existence seems to be radiated thereby into the damp and gloomy night.  I lie here alone and in silence, enveloped in the manifold black wrappings of darkness, tedium, unfreedom, and winter – and yet my heart beats with an immeasurable and incomprehensible  inner joy, just as if I were moving in the brilliant sunshine across a flowery mead.  And in the darkness I smile at life, as if I were the possessor of a charm which would enable me to transform all that is evil and tragical into serenity and happiness.  But when I search my mind for the cause of this joy, I find there is no cause, and can only laugh at myself, this deep darkness of night is soft and beautiful as velvet, if only one looks at it in the right way.  The gride of the damp gravel beneath the slow and heavy tread of the prison guard is likewise a lovely little song of life – for one who has ears to hear.”


Rosa Luxemburg

Breslau Prison

December 1917


Pacifist and revolutionary socialist, Rosa Luxemburg was repeatedly imprisoned and eventually murdered by forces of the German right on January 15, 1919.


From- Eyewitness to History by John Carey