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Dr. Thomas, Michael Thomas, Michael, Physician, Healer, Friend-

Ten plus years ago, from our initial consultation-through my x-rays of near disbelief how any human skeletal system could possibly be positioned so usually awkward-to this day of walking pain free. Oh, have I mentioned how Dr. Thomas’ demeanor and compassion created instant rapport between us? My trust in his ablities never wavered during my first, to my last, adjustment these many years.
My pain relief was delivered by an angel of healing, especially on that long-ago Sunday when I couldn’t stand it any longer and I called him at his home for advice. He insisted I meet him at his office for treatment which I did. God Bless Dr. Thomas, the healer; I made it to work Monday morning.

Today he is known to me as Michael, my friend. And when I visit him professionally, Mon Ami (my friend in French) has a ready funny story for my amusement. We have enjoyed mid-day lunches and conversations to straighten out the world’s problems.

Michael always sends me home a better man with his genuine caring (love) and, greetings to my wife, who is also his patient, and loves him like a brother, as do I. Someday I’ll greet him on the “other side” and tell him a joke or two…

Terrance R. Snyder.


Dear Dr. Thomas,

I want to thank you for the many times you have helped me over the last several years. I feel I would not be walking today if it had not been for your adjustments and encouragement. You have been a true blessing! A simple “thank you” could never describe the appreciation I feel for all you have done for me. You are more than a doctor to my husband and me. You have become a wonderful friend. My the Lord bless you richly!

Very Sincerely,

Lela McCleery


I think of Dr. Thomas, “Michael”, as a good friend even though I seldom see him. When our paths do cross, it is as if no time has passed. We simply pick up that golden thread of friendship, beautifully woven with similar interests over the last 10+ years.

As my doctor, I appreciate his expertise and compassion. As a friend, I value his consciousness, keen insights, and slightly “kooky” way of describing “what is”, a way like no one else can.

I also value the healing contribution Michael has made to his friends, patients, and colleagues, plus all those listeners in “radio land”; simply speaking his Truth.

While Michael’s insights are keen; his wisdom is even greater, combined with a delightful wilingness to share. I really, really, really like what comes out of the sensitivities of his heart. He is clear, articulate, and knows what he believes in without needing to know all the answers.

Recently, my gratitude took another quantum leap when he took time from his busy schedule to visit my husband, under Hospice care, at home. Thanks, Michael. You’re one of a kind.

With Love and Gratitude,

Marita Graves Snyder


Dr. Michael Thomas,

How do i begin……….? Meeting you has been a highlight to my life! I had almost given up on the medical profession and their lack of caring. Then I was referred to you by way of my sisters in Nevada and Virginia. Looking through the computer for NUCCA doctors, I was so pleased to find you were so close by. Through the years I have felt to supported with you and your dependence on God. May you always find His will and direction in you life. We, selfishly, want it to be here, but He knows what is best for you and that’s what we want, also.


Mary L. Mortimer


I have endured chronic neck and back pain due to an auto accident when I was a child. Dr. Thomas has given me a real solution to a life long problem. The friend who directed me to him will always have my gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Thomas, for sharing your gift.

Linda O’Neal


It’s rare to come across such a bright and caring doctor who really seeks to heal. Your compassionate approach in healthcare is unmatched and I’m proud to call you friend.

Love, Sam Cohen, D.C.



Dr. Thomas, I’ve known you more than 10 years now, not sure just how many. What I do know is that you have helped me thru so many hard times (and some good ones, too). You always are so positive and set a good example for me to just “pick it up” and go on regardless of my feelings. I do believe that I would be a cripple if it were not for your care. I give you much credit for my good health. I want nothing but the best for you and your life. God bless you always.

With sincere appreciation, Linda Burbank

In 1991, my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to NUCCA chiropractic. I continued to have headaches, lived off of Tylenol and middle back pain that even massage could not alleviate. After I had my first adjustment, I felt worse for 2 days! I thought, how can this be helping me? After several days of healing, I found that I did not have to take any pain medication because I didn’t have any more pain! The numbness and constant aching in the middle of my back was gone as were my headaches. Then in 2001, we moved to Florida and I was very concerned that I would not be able to find a NUCCA Chiropractor in our area that could continue the maintenance for family and myself in the future. Dr. Thomas’s practice has not only continued to maintain my good health but also now my children’s since we were rear-ended in November of 2006 with 2 of my 3 children in the vehicle and they both suffered trauma to their neck area from a hard blow from behind. I knew that they both would at that time need to be x-rayed to be sure that they’re little spines were still in alignment. Both of the children were in need of care. With our son, we noticed that he had redness in his ear and it was hotter than the other ear…after the initial adjustmen we realized that it had disappeared. This is a sign that he carries when we know he is in need of an adjustment… Our daughter that was in the accident sleeps better, and does not have any more pain in her neck since the adjustment. We also have a 17-year-old daughter whom NUCCA has also helped. We noticed that her menstrual cycle would be very irregular and her sleep would not be sound if she was not in alignment. Once she does get an adjustment, her periods go back to regular cycles and she notices her sleep is much deeper and sounder. What a blessing to have Dr. Thomas and NUCCA in our lives and that so many others can also benefit from… We drive 1and 1/2 hours to see him and it is so worth the drive. I could not even imagine going to any other type of chiropractor.

With regards,

Brenda Vivieros and family


Dr. Michael Thomas came into my life 10/15/01. I arrived with X-rays, MRI’s, and could hardly walk without a lot of pain, with the prognostic there was nothing to be done but take pain killers. In less than two months, I was back on the golf course, playing Birci and walking two miles a day…

I think Michael Thomas is a very competent, considerate doctor of his field and a wonderful and kind, Christian human being.

Grandma that was run over by a golf cart, Barb Cower


It is amazing how microscopic adjustments from an Upper Cervical Chiropractic specialist can make a world of difference throughout your entire body.

In 1987, I was involved in an accident that affected three vertebrae in my lower back. In addition, again in 1995, another accident affected four vertebrae in my neck. Eventually, after many years of visits to different doctors and chiropractors in the Bahamas and the United States, I made a decision to have surgery to correct the problems that affected my right leg and both arms.

About 3-4 years ago, after discussing my plans to have surgery with one of my professors, he convinced me to experience a treatment from an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Specialist and he recommended Dr. Michael Thomas. I am glad that I did!

After my first visit with Dr. Thomas, who took x-rays before and after re-aligning my neck, I felt immediate relief throughout my body. The problems that existed in my right leg and both arms have been corrected. I recommend Dr. Michael Thomas to anyone experienceing spinal discomfort and in particular, injury to the neck.

Shannondor Harold Evans, Nassau Bahamas


Patty and I wanted to thank Dr. Michael Thomas for all he has done for us. We travel an hour each way so he can fix us with NUCCA chiropractic procedures, and have been doing so for over three years. Dr. Thomas, you have accomplished in three short visits what the U.S. Military Doctors could not do in over twenty-eight years. I suffered with chronic lower back pain that would not, at times, allow me to get off the couch. I was very skeptical whether it would work or not but you have proven to us that the procedures you learned are a blessing for your patients.

My wife has cerebral palsy and gets out of alignment more frequently than others and she marvels at all of your abilities. We have referred all we meet with similar problems to you. I hve stolen thirty of your business cards to give to anyone who asks.

Your courtesy, sense of humor, professionalism, as well as your healing abilities is nothing less than a blessing from above. All chiropractors should learn NUCCA procedures. This world needs many more doctors like yourself.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do and we wish upon you God’s blessings in all your endeavors.

With appreciation and love,

Patty and Roland Brassard

Dear Dr. Thomas,

Words are utterly inadequate to express the depth and profundity of my gratitude and appreciation to you for the great blessing you have been (and still continue to be) to my wife and to me. I recall how thankful I was-quite a few years ago now-for the compassion and competence with which you reached out to my “better half”. And then, when I began to have some serious health problems of my own, you reached out to me also with much competence and compassion. At some point in our doctor-patient relationship, you became not only our doctor but you friend (no doubt many others have experienced the same phenomenon). Sacred scripture refers to Saint Luke as the “beloved physician”-and you, Dr. Michael Thomas, are a “beloved physician” to many of us. May our Lord and Saviour bless you and give you Heaven’s best.

Faithfully yours,

Charles McCleery

Dr. Thomas has made me feel better physically and mentally. He truly cares how I feel and it is a priviledge to know him and have him take care of me.

-Cory Pool


You are an exceptionally gifted, wonderful soul and I am grateful to know you. Those who cross your path are exceedingly fortunate, for we get to learn about life from one of the best! Keep spreading love in the world in your way… with your positive thinking, bright smile, funny stories and healing hands. Love, Suzy.

-Suzy Cohen, R.Ph. Author of The 24-hour Pharmacist


Dr. Thomas, I can’t express enough how much you have done for me. I feel great and can walk without pain.


Marilyn Maggie

We drive 200 miles once a month to see Dr. Thomas. We appreciate his services. We always leave form there feeling better.

Thank you doctor,

Eva and Joe Minniear

Where do I begin? Dr. Thomas changed my life.

I no longer life in fear of back pain… when I’m “out of line”, I know he is a phone call away. I’m not in pain for days on end. I don’t take pills that make me “loopy”. I call, he aligns my back and I’m up and running!

I no longer have daily headaches. I spent most of my life eating aspirin like candy. Since my initial adjustment, I have not had aspirin in almost 10 (yes, 10!) years.

I no longer carry 100 extra pounds on my body. With no pain and no headaches, I started walking 3 miles a day, eating healthier, and seven years ago, I dropped 100 pounds in 10 months.

I can’t even express what his patience, kindness and genuine concern means to me! Everyday, I ask our Lord Jesus to bless, protect, guide, and shine His light on Dr. Thomas. I need you! Thank you, Dr. Thomas.

-Sandy Hayes

Through Dr. Thomas’ gentle and effective adjustments over the past few years, I have gone from someone constantly in neck and shoulder pain to a healthier, more productive person. I now have more energy to pursue volunteer activities and my golf game has improved by at least 8 strokes. I thank God for Dr. Thomas who has given me a much better quality of life.

-Doris L. Cherubini

We first started goint to Thomas Chiropractic due to the extreme pain my mother was enduring-a sciatica problem along with an injury inflicted upon her by an orthodox chiropractor. Mike (Dr. Thomas) suggested she to to a pain management facility as she could not be touched without enduring more pain. None of the other doctors, etc., we tried to get her some relief-ever suggested this solution. Well, it did work, and she was able to tolerate an adjustment, which corrected her injuries. She was then able to return to her bowling league-at the age of 89!!

My husband, a non-believer in chiropractic, was coming down with something serious, as he ws falling, having difficulty wakling and getting to his feet. This is a man in his 80’s with very little health problems. Charles agreed to having an adjustment. He was found to be out of alignment and this was corrected. Although, upon returning home, he continued to deteriorate,….even though we went to the emergency room and he was treated for a bloody nose! …By 9 pm that same day, Charles was not able to push himself off the couch. Terrified, we got him into the car and brought him to Shands. He was diagnosed with Gilliane Barre, a crippling, paralyzing disease-which takes a long time to recover normally. He was given the treatment then. To everyone’s amazement he progressed immediately, from being unable to feed himself to being able to go home within three weeks, instead of months, even possibly years.

It is my opinion that the adjustment Charles received from Dr. Thomas at the beginning of this ailment enabled a miraculously quick and total recovery. For this, we are truly grateful!

Mike (Dr. Thomas) has always been a source of comfort and inspiration to my family and me. And I also value his friendship.

-Peggy M. Lanizzani

My wife and I met Dr. Thomas ten years ago when she had dire pain in her neck and back. She had suffered from this problem for quite a while with nothing helping to alleviate the problem.

Over a period of a few months the pain had almost left her completely due to his treatment of her. Right after this, Laura became very ill with heart and lung problems that we did not know she had. Because of high medical bills it was very rough on us financially and we almost had to cut off the treatments with him at the time. When this happened, Dr. Thomas worked it out with us so that she did not have to stop seeing him at the time, and we will always be eternally grateful to him for this.

Over the last seven years he has been a staunch supporter of a Veterans Organization that I am Area Supervisor of for Marion County. Without his donations over the years, along with others like him, we could not help the needy vets as we do.

Jesus said that you wold know a Christian by his works, and Dr. Thomas is a great example if there ever was one. God only knows we need more men like him in our society today. Men such as he are not easily found everyday.

Laura and I consider him a good friend and have been blessed to know him. He is a true role model for us all.

-Tom and Laura Wells