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Chiropractors have long had difficulty getting published in the peer reviewed, indexed literature.  Some of this difficulty lay in the political animosity between chiropractic and medicine and some in the lack of educated individuals (researchers, etc.) that had the experience to do the appropriate studies, use proper statistical analysis and the money that is always needed to make things happen.Â


Upper cervical doctors have had a doubly difficult time getting published becasue of the prejudice against upper cervical work in the chiropractic profession.  I wrote about this issue in the new e-newsletter that is published by ChiroAccess.com.  This group is associated with MANTIS which is a database of literature for professions that have traditionally not been included in the peer-reviewed, indexed literature.  These include acupuncture, massage therapy, and other groups.

The paper has been published by ChiroACCESS so I cannot include it here but I can give you the url:


This paper contains a link to all of the Upper Cervical Monographs in .pdf format and also lists the various papers and talks over the years that have been produced by NUCCA doctors.Â