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Michael Thomas, DC

When Dorothy clicked her heels together in the The Wizard of Oz, she fervently wished to go home again. There is no place like home, she repeated. Many of us feel a relief when we get home from our days activities and feel comfort in being back inside the familiar walls of our own homes. We feel safe and at peace. We don’t need to read a book or watch television or have someone else tell us we are at peace. We are in the right place.

This same feeling of rightness occurs for many people who receive an adjustment in the office. An inner knowing occurs accompanied by a feeling that everything is right (or is returning to right!). The upper cervical adjustment creates a sense of well-being unlike anything else most people have experienced. This, more than all the talking we do in the office is what makes long term clients. Honestly, upper cervical work is extremely difficult to explain and only now are we really starting to understand why this return to well-being and health occurs. What is much easier is adjusting someone and letting them feel and experience the difference in their life. This is really the only way that upper cervical chiropractic has grown over the decades it has been available.

Only now are we beginning to understand the improvement in blood-flow through the head and improvement of cerebral spinal fluid flow through the head that accompany the adjustment. Only now are we beginning to understand that the adjustment can balance the control centers in the bottom of the brain that monitor body activities below the level of consciousness. As we begin to understand our relationship to our world, we are realizing that we must be in balance with it, we must be in exquisite coordination with our environment; and primary to that is our relationship with gravity. We are not as separate as we like to think. We are en-nested in many levels of relationship with the world around us.

The upper cervical misalignment and the related postural changes are a fallback mechanism that works to improve the remaining possibilities once we are not able to optimize our relationship with gravity (once we have gone out of adjustment). Our bodies always know how gravity is affecting us. The best solution is to align our bodies with the force of gravity. This is why we measure your posture when you come into the office. Moving away from the vertical axis (this line of gravity) causes an abnormal cantilevering of our body position. When we are misaligned, our pelvis loses its optimal relationship with gravity and begins to tilt and twist. Our upper bodies must counter-lean and twist so we don’t fall over. Our head positions (head-tilt) are often the fine-tuning. Improper relation to gravity takes a toll on all of us. Muscles and ligaments must do their best to keep us upright. At first they tighten and harden, but after a while, they get tired and begin to spasm. We feel this as aching, burning pains that can be sharp or dull, in one place or generalized over larger areas. For some of us, the worst part is the change in brain function. Many people remark on brain fog. Some people feel emotionally depressed when they are out of adjustment. Things aren’t right.

Corrective upper cervical adjustment restores your relationship with gravity. It helps to re-balance not just your posture but also the function of all of the systems of the body through its effect on the brainstem. People often express a return to rightness after an adjustment. Some people feel it immediately, others take some time. There is an inner peace that comes with the adjustment for many people. In this increasingly complex and uncertain world, feeling at home inside your own body is a great comfort and ultimately necessary for long term health. Restoring our alignment with gravity greatly aids in restoring our relationship with our own bodies and the world around us. This inner knowing acts as a foundation for our actions in the world. When we are home inside ourselves and in our relationships, we make better decisions. We worry less. We feel stronger and more vital. We trust the sense that all is well.

There is no place like home.