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Michael Thomas, DC

Keeping oil in your car’s engine is easier than rebuilding a blown engine. In the same way, staying balanced, staying in adjustment is easier on your life than waiting until you have an acute problem. Most people will tell me that they knew they were out of adjustment for a period of time before the incident occurred that made their pains something that needs to be taken care of immediately. Sometimes it can be a surprise, but we usually have a sense about our body balance. We know ourselves better than anyone else because no one else is with us all the time!

We brush our teeth daily, most of us routinely cut our hair, we wash our clothes after we wear them. We bathe and shower daily. We can see all of these parts of our lives and recognize the importance of keeping up with them. We can’t see our spines. We only feel them when things have gone wrong enough to cause pains. In fact, the majority of nerves in the body don’t carry pain. They are involved in making things happen (the motor nerves) and feeling what is happening (the sensory nerves). One part of the sensory nerves carries pain but the majority have others jobs.

We are kind of trained by the way medicine works to just respond to calamity, but otherwise many of us feel like our bodies are a kind of ’black box’. Stuff goes in and stuff goes out, but what happens inside is essentially a mystery! No news from the body is good news! When the body starts to talk to us, it often begins with a whisper now and then. These little messages are easy to ignore. If we can’t ignore, we are trained to suppress. A couple of aspirin makes most minor aches and pains go away. When we find ourselves taking drugs on an ongoing basis just to be ‘okay’, this is when many of you ring us up for an adjustment. Of course some of you are stubborn enough to wait until you can’t really function anymore. As with many things, waiting till there is real trouble makes fixing it a bit more involved.

We don’t wait until our engine temperature is in the red before we change the oil in our cars and perhaps we might give our bodies the same respect! Maintaining adjustment, maintaining our body alignment is critical to proper functioning at many levels in the body (and some of my patients tell me it greatly affects their mental and emotional functioning too!), far beyond the feeling of pains we sometimes get when we are out of adjustment.

Although we can use upper cervical chiropractic for ‘disease’ care, helping us when we are in pain and distress, it has even more value by keeping us tuned up so we can fully live the lives we have been given. Getting an adjustment and staying in adjustment is no less important for your health maintenance than brushing your teeth (not just when a tooth hurts!) taking a bath (not just when you are filthy!) or drinking enough water (not just when you’re dying of thirst!) each day. Keeping our nervous systems tuned up with regular visits to the office can significantly diminish the troubles in your life and keep you healthy and happy. Upper cervical chiropractic is real health care.