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Dr. Thomas published this article in his January 2011 email newsletter.

We are well into the new year. I can hardly believe we are half way through January already! Many of us are feeling unmoored. As I talk with folks who come into the office, many feel adrift in a world where the old rules don’t seem to be working and it is still unclear what the new rules are going to be. The foundations we have lived our lives on now feels more like slippery sand between our toes. There is much I cant help with, but there is one area I can be of great assistance. There is one ongoing reality of life that does not change, and that is gravity.
When we go out of upper cervical adjustment, our brains begin to make a systematic mistake, causing our muscles to become tighter on one side of our body as compared to the other side. This changes our posture and alters the way we stand and walk and move on the earth. When you come into the office I will ask you to stand on the Anatometer, my posture measuring device. Using it, I can clearly see when your nervous system is giving faulty signals to your body. When the muscles shorten, the pelvis tips and often twists. Our upper body has to compensate so we don’t fall over. We end up with chronic muscle spasms that occur as we try to stay upright and move through our lives. We can adapt and compensate for this uneven muscle control but each change we make creates new stresses and further need for more compensation. Some folks wait to come in until the spasms are interfering with their ability to work or do their normal activities. Others enjoy the ease of being in adjustment and come in regularly to maintain their economy of movement.

Falls are a serious issue especially for older people. Falls are the cause of much suffering and expense due to bone fractures, head injuries, lacerations and other problems. Time is a precious commodity. Life goes by all too fast and injuries rob us of the quality of our lives. We all want to be free to live the lives we have planned. Postural misalignment causes disequilibrium, unsteadiness and loss of a feeling of stability. It robs us of simple abilities like getting up in the night without fear of falling or tripping.
As we age, our ability to maintain our blood pressure evenly throughout our body can become compromised. Laying flat in bed it isn’t difficult to keep even blood pressures throughout our body, but when we stand up, it begins to take longer to improve the pressure in our heads and brains. The one way valves of our veins begin to leak a bit over the long length of our lives and this means we have to sit a moment before we get up. Then if our posture swings us off to one side or another (because we are out of adjustment) and we are sleepy, coupled with eyes that don’t see as well as in our youth and its a recipe for possible injuries.
The upper cervical adjustment restores equal tone (tension) in the muscles that hold us up against gravity. It appears to significantly improve blood flow through the head and helps us to think more clearly. How many of you remark about ˜brain fog when you are out of adjustment? Our bodies work much more efficiently (in many ways) when we are in adjustment. Look at what engineers have had to do to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa upright? They have poured many tons of cement underneath it and had to attach cables to keep the torque forces resulting from being off and away from the vertical axis from causing the Tower to fall to the earth. We human beings dont need cables to hold us up, we can reset our nervous systems to realign us with gravity, with the vertical axis. This relieves much of the stress and allows muscles to relax and pains to ease away. The adjustment is a remarkable tool that could save untold suffering in this world if we could ever get the word out to the mass of humanity just from this aspect alone.
You already know about this amazing way to restore balance and function in our lives. We are working hard at NUCCA and the Upper Cervical Research Foundation (UCRF) to validate this work in the professional literature so it can become known to the rest of the world. We can remove this interference from our lives with a corrective adjustment or we can turn life off with pain medications and muscle relaxers. When the brain is turned off, we miss too much of life. And, we can miss our footing in the dark more easily. Turn your life back on with upper cervical chiropractic. If you are laid low and finding life difficult to tolerate, come and get an adjustment that will help you to stand tall and love the life you have been given.