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Michael Thomas, D.C.

Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves. We are self-healing organisms. A surgeon can cut us open and remove tissues or repair torn tissues with sutures, but it is our bodies that do the healing. In order to heal us, our bodies must have a nervous system that is free of interference. Our nervous systems are the way our bodies know what is going on inside and outside of us and our nerves tell all our organs and tissues how to work together in a coordinated way to regain health. When there is interference at the level of the brainstem and spinal cord, this message gets garbled. We lose our vitality. Coordination of function is compromised and so is our health. Problems can occur at other places, but trouble at the top of the neck (where the spinal cord meets the brainstem) cause trouble for the whole person. In fact, other problems are often compensations and adaptations to this major interference.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic began in the 1920s. We have known for a long time about this critical junction between the head and the rest of the body. Imagine the head is a bowling ball on a broom stick. If the broom stays vertical and the ball is perched directly on top, it doesn’t require too much energy to keep it all in line. Once the bowling ball moves off to one side, it becomes very difficult to keep it upright. (Imagine trying to hold the broom at the bottom and keep that bowling ball upright!) Your head is the same way. So many things can cause our head to move away from its proper position. Accidents and injuries can tear and stretch the supporting ligaments and tendons that create stability. Once the head turns or leans or twists, it causes the nervous system to become hindered. It sends out unbalanced signals and the tension in the body becomes very unequal. This unequal tension in the body tightens and shortens the muscles on one side of the body causing us to lean off to one side. Our hips have become unlevel. Our upper body must adapt by leaning the other way, our head just the does the best it can but now problems start to arise.

When we are out of upper cervical adjustment, our posture begins to twist. The longer we are out of adjustment, the tighter the muscles can become and the more the posture distorts our bodies. When your body is twisted and spasmed, you often cant take a good deep breath. What happens to a liver that is being compressed by this twisting and leaning? What happens to the flow of blood through our aorta (the main artery that supplies blood to our whole body) when it is twisted and kinked? What happens to digestion? Unfortunately, all too many of you reading this already know the answers because you experience the degenerative effects of nervous system interference in your own lives.

So what is different about NUCCA Chiropractic? NUCCA adjustments remove the nervous interference at the junction between the head and neck. This critical area changes everything! It can free up your body’s function in nearly every way, but it also equalizes the tension in the muscles that hold us up against gravity. No longer do you have to fight gravity (good luck!) with every step, every movement you make. Now you are working with gravity and optimizing the function of your nervous system. Thousands of people have told me that the adjustment has given them their life back. This isn’t therapy. Therapies have their place but this is about removing the greatest interference to the power of life that has ever been found. If you want to know more about how NUCCA Chiropractic changes lives, go to my testimonies section www.uppercervicaldr.com/wordpress/?page_id=55

and read what people say happened to their lives after NUCCA Chiropractic freed their nervous systems. This is real care for real problems. Your life matters and its time to break free of the past and enjoy this precious life you have been given.  Take the first step.  Like so many others, you will wonder why you waited so long!