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Michael D. Thomas, D.C.

Brain Fog doesn’t show up on most lists of diagnoses or in medical texts.  Every day however, you folks come into my office and talk about it.  I hear people say they cant think clearly; they are forgetful, discouraged, depressed.  It was actually my patients who cued me in to the fact that upper cervical adjustments can overcome this debilitating problem.  In fact, after the initial course of care has occurred and people begin to find themselves out of adjustment weeks or months later, it is the brain fog that brings them in more often than not. 

“I’m just not myself.”

“I cant focus on anything but what is right in front of me.”

“I feel like I’m looking down a tunnel at life.”

They may admit that their neck is starting to ache or their hip or whatever symptom it is that lets them know they are out of adjustment, but it is often this feeling of ˜brain fog that makes them come into the office for an adjustment.  We all want to be able to think clearly and be able to handle all of the parts of our lives.  Our brains and our nervous systems allow us to sense and perceive not only what is outside of us but also what is within us.  When there is interference to this critical communication system, our lives begin to break down. 

It is the toll that upper cervical misalignment and subluxation take from our lives day after day, month after month, year after year that diminishes the fire inside of us.

Upper cervical chiropractic directly removes interference to the nervous system and brain.  New studies from UCRF (Upper Cervical Research Foundation) and other research is beginning to pinpoint how we do this.  Early results of specialized imaging studies is beginning to reveal that misalignment of the bones in the upper neck diminishes the ability of the blood in our heads to get back out!  If the blood cant get out it cant get new blood in.  This means that oxygen and nutrients and waste products are not moving in or out properly and our brain function begins to change.  This isn’t an acute issue most of the time although many people will wake up in the morning and find they are deep inside the fog, having knocked themselves out of adjustment in the night or the day before.  It is the toll that upper cervical misalignment and subluxation  take from our lives day after day, month after month, year after year that diminishes the fire inside of us. 

Because we stand on two legs and are upright critters, the joints connecting our head to our neck are quite different from other animals.  In addition, the pathway for blood to drain out of our heads (the venous accessory drainage system) appears to become compromised.  Changes in head position can greatly change the pressures inside the head and having the ability to rapidly shift the volume of blood in our head is essential.  Other animals also have great challenges here.  Bats fly at great speeds and frequently make rapid turns, eating mosquitoes and avoiding branches and other obstacles.  They therefore have a unique venous drainage system as do whales which must be able to function on the surface of the ocean but also at great depths.  We don’t have the same tremendous forces to deal with but misalignment does now appear to compromise this system and therefore hinders the nervous system in its critical job of keeping us updated and controlling movement. 

The plaques that form in the brain in multiple sclerosis (M.S.) (visualization of these plaques in imaging (MRI, etc.) is an important diagnostic indicator of the disease and are occurring in these very same venous outflow tracts.  Research out of Europe and here in the United States is currently finding strong correlations between compromise to this system in M.S. and other chronic neurological issues such as Parkinsons and dementia. 

Once again, the central importance of upper cervical alignment is becoming clear.  One of my patients will occasionally come into my office with a sad and downtrodden look on her face.  She tells me that there is no joy and she has an overall feeling of depression.  Her posture is slumped and life does not work for her.  In fact, one of the ways I know I have reduced her misalignment is that as she sits up on the table after an adjustment, there is an immediate sparkle and gleam of life back in her eyes.  Immediately she is standing up straight and she can take a deep breath again.  She tells me, even before I have measured, that she is back in adjustment.  She is just one of dozens that find this same inner sense of peace and calm turn back on again after an adjustment. 

I truly believe after seventeen years of examining and adjusting people, that the upper cervical adjustment is the single most powerful way to improve our resilience.

Brain fog is often talked about as related to toxic metals, (Copper, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead and others), toxic chemicals from car interiors, upholstery, lawn chemicals, paints, among others including toxins dissolved in the water you drink.  Bowel toxicity, dehydration or drinking of contaminated water, adrenal fatigue or ˜burnout, low thyroid, yeast infections, hypoglycemia, food or chemical allergies, pharmaceutical side effects, hidden viral infections, parasites, sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, and many more causes are all blamed for ˜brain fog. 

Many of these issues may well stress the body and the nervous system to the point that thinking is affected along with other physical problems.  Toxicity, whether due to chemicals, electrical lines, infections, or even psychological reasons all create stress in your life.  How much stress you can handle depends on how well your body is functioning.  Resilience is the ability to overcome obstacles and continue to function at a high level even considering the problems we encounter each day.  I truly believe after seventeen years of examining and adjusting people, that the upper cervical adjustment is the single most powerful way to improve our resilience.  When we have impaired nervous system function, even little things can be too much. 

There is no doubt that toxins are a real problem in today’s world.  We must be vigilant with our diets and try to drink clean water.  Many of us are looking at various ways to get these toxins out of our bodies.  At the same time, if we are functioning at full power, we will be able to tolerate toxins and all other stresses better.  We will be clear-headed and make better decisions.  Our nervous systems become finely and accurately tuned to the realities inside and outside of us.  Once in adjustment, we find we can better handle what life brings us. 

Once in adjustment, we find we can better handle what life brings us.

The NUCCA adjustment frequently offers answers to problems that can seem impossible to solve.  This is because we are doing something very specific that restores function at the level of the brain itself.  The greatest difficulty we have in this practice is to let people know about this answer to so many problems.  People don’t realize there is a practical answer and that all treatments and interventions are not the same.  If someone doesn’t realize there is a possible answer, they don’t even look for it.  Educating people to the power of upper cervical chiropractic is a tough road for this reason, but I am not quitting until everyone knows they don’t have to take drugs to turn their life off but can remove the fog and live life to the fullest with a nervous system that is operating at full capacity!