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Life is always about balance. It is certainly about having ‘enough’, but that isn’t usually the problem. The problems come when what you have, what you are , is unbalanced. Organization is critical to life, and a breakdown in the relationship between all of our ‘parts’ -IS disease. When all of the aspects that make us up are working in harmony we are healthy. Our health begins at the cellular level. If our cells are out of balance, so are we.

‘We’ are made up of 10 trillion cells. Each one a tiny whole that can grow, live and eventually die. In fact millions of cells are being born and dying inside you every second right now. It is the balance of these forces that creates our health. Each cell must maintain a very narrow range of temperature and pH and composition for health to be achieved. Then, each cell must be in close communication and coordination with all other cells for your whole person to be healthy. You must be able to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in your environment. Perhaps you are walking up a hill. Your heart will beat faster and you will breathe a bit harder. Your cells must make and use more energy. You must be able to get rid of all the waste products too. You must get the rest each day that is needed for your body to recover from its activities. You must eat real food that will break down into the small, little molecules your body uses for fuel and spare parts.

We can tolerate a certain level of toxins in our body. We are made to find and get rid of toxins and waste products. If they are generated too fast, we can’t keep up and we become toxic, we get sick. Many of us are too acidic (diet, stress, too little sleep) and this causes proteins to come unraveled. They don’t work as well or at all. Enzymes are made of proteins and they are responsible for nearly every chemical reaction in the body. When they aren’t working right, we aren’t healthy.

The nervous system is the part of us that communicates and tells all of our cells and tissues and organs how to stay balanced. When the nervous system is impaired, so is our potential to be healthy. It doesn’t take long for this breakdown to show up as ‘symptoms’ of disease. The internal balance of the body is controlled in the bottom of the brain just above the neck in what is called the brainstem. These little control centers maintain the balance of our health in a myriad of ways. One way you are familiar with if you are a patient in my office is in terms of how you relate to gravity. In a standing position there is an optimal way to deal with gravity and many less than optimal ways. Once your center of gravity (which lies in your pelvis) moves away from the vertical line of gravity, it introduces forces that are difficult for your body to deal with. Many pain syndromes arise because of postural misalignment that brings pelvic unleveling and twisting. The upper body must then adapt and compensate, creating twist and muscle spasm and cramping. Weakness in certain areas is often seen. If nerves become involved in the abnormal and unequal tension of the muscles it can create sensations of tingling and or numbness in the arms or legs. Sometimes people feel this in the head or back or buttocks too.

This is just what can be measured from the outside. Other centers in the brainstem control many other aspects of your health and it certainly appears that all can be affected. In the twenty years I have been practicing this work in Marion County, I have seen virtually every organ system improve in function. Asthma symptoms have been significantly curtailed. Gut problems of all kinds have resolved. Emotional issues can be lessened and overcome. Headaches and dizziness are commonly helped in this work. Upper cervical chiropractic has been shown to improve blood pressure in a majority of even hard to treat cases and it is the only work that has ever shown this ability.

My adjustment is without forceful maneuvers. I never twist or thrust into tissues. By slowing down the process and being very careful and accurate, we are able to restore balance inside each of you and improve your resilience, your vitality. We are working very hard to prove this in the scientific journals and we are making progress. You don’t have to wait for publication in the journals though. This beautiful healing technique is available to you today. Maintaining your adjustment is a powerful way to maintain and even increase your level of health. I encourage you to come in periodically to check your alignment.
You can lose your health and not feel any pain for a significant amount of time. Eventually, the tissues will sicken and you begin to become symptomatic. Now you can be diagnosed as having a ‘disease’. Periodic spinal checkups can correct this imbalance before it becomes so severe that you are losing function and are in pain. We focus on your health. We believe that the power of life is inside you. What we do with corrective adjustments is to remove the interference to this life and allow it to blossom again. We do more than wish you well. We make the adjustment you need so you can heal yourself!