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When you come in to see me I will often ask you if you are holding your adjustment.  Some of you know and others don’t.  Everyone has their own signs and symptoms of being out of adjustment.  Some people feel ‘fine’ and then they don’t.  An acute pain or ache is an obvious way to know you are out of adjustment especially if it lasts for two or three days.  There are many ways that people recognize that they are out of adjustment.  They may find that allergies return.  Their digestion is disrupted, they may have headaches or other pains, but it might be dizziness or even emotional depression.

Sometimes a new ache or pain arises and someone will come in and not know if it is related to the adjustment or not.  Generally, if the symptom lasts for a few days, it is wise to come in and get checked.  I often hear people say that they would have come in sooner but they were having pain in a different area of their body and they didn’t know if it was related.  Signs and symptoms will come and go.  If you are out of adjustment however, the things you are feeling will gradually become more intense and last more of the time. 

Our bodies do the best they can with what they have to work with.  Being out of adjustment means that the nervous system is not working in a balanced and proper way.  The nervous system is the great communications network that links all the parts of our body together.  When the nervous system is being interfered with, everything will be affected.  This is why I believe that upper cervical adjustments are primary care for human beings!  So many of the pills and medications that people take for their problems are related to being out of upper cervical adjustment.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people tell me they have been able to wean off numerous medications once they began to get adjusted.  Drugs turn life off, but the NUCCA adjustment turns life back on.  In these stressful times, we need all the energy and health we can muster.  NUCCA adjustments bring more life to each of us and help us to handle the stresses that life hands us.  It is cost effective to prevent problems before they become more serious and require more invasive assistance. 

Getting checked for alignment three or four times a year is definitely cheaper than falling into the seemingly endless medical morass of endless visits and expensive tests and examinations.  Medicine is there when we truly need it but staying healthy keeps your dollars in your own pocket and its also a lot more fun!